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2013-2014 Meet & Confer Process

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Issue Generation

- Issues identified by faculty at large

- Prioritized issues brought forward by college faculty senates

- Prioritized issues recommended by Faculty Executive Council to the Meet and Confer Team faculty

- Combined faculty and administrative issues list

- Issue prioritization rubric used by Meet and Confer Team (faculty and administration)

- Prioritized issues list as determined by the Meet and Confer Team (faculty and administration)

Issue Negotiation

- Issue negotiation timeline

Issues currently being negotiated:

1. Retain and Retrain Policy (RIF)

2. Salary inversion

3. Pay rates and reassign time in Appendix C

4. One Year Only faculty positions

5. Salary system plus MFA salary placement

6. Evening/weekend/summer supervision

7. Service faculty ratio

8. Day/evening distinction

Final Communique - 2013
Redlined RFP - 2013 (with proposed strikeouts and changes incorporated together)
2013-2014 RFP - pending ratification (with proposed changes and rationale for easier reading)

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