Governing Board Eliminated M&C, the RFP, and Reassigned Time for FA/M&C

The Governing Board voted on a resolution that eliminates the RFP and Meet & Confer: Resolution of the Governing Board of the Maricopa County Community College District Regarding Policies Governing Residential Faculty

Here is a quick recap:

New Board member Augustine Bartning offered a replacement resolution to keep Meet and Confer but take discussions about compensation, benefits, and wages out of the process. Voted down by Hendrix, McGrath, Haver and Livingston. Bartning, Thor, and Saar voted in favor.
Thor proposed amendment that the RFP be extended until July 1, 2019. Voted down by Hendrix, McGrath, Haver and Livingston. Thor, Saar, and Bartning voted in favor. Thor then proposed to move motion indefinitely. Nobody would second it.
Hendrix moved rescinding reassigned time for any FEC member and M&C team member. Mentioned collective bargaining and union building. Passed 5 to 2 with Hendrix, Haver, Livingston, McGrath, and Bartning voting for it. Thor and Saar voted against.
Vote on proposed resolution on agenda – Thor, Bartning, Saar voted no – Hendrix, McGrath, Haver, and Livingston voted yes.

Video of Special Governing Board Meeting 2-20-18

Here is the video of the Special Governing Board Meeting an audience member recorded using a cell phone. (Thank you!) A better quality video will be coming but wanted to get it out as soon as possible.

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FA President and Governing Board President Hendrix Interviewed about M&C

Watch Mike Mitchell and Laurin Hendrix discuss M&C in Teachers cry foul, as Maricopa Community College District set to change faculty input process.



TODAY at 4 – Attend the Special Governing Board Meeting

4:00 p.m. PRESENTATION ON MEET AND CONFER – please try to be there for this part.

4:30 p.m. | Governing Board Room (M200)—Second Floor


*We will have a booth set up across the street.