The FA Files HLC Complaint

The FA President informed the members of the Governing Board and the Administration that the Faculty Association has filed an official complaint with the Higher Learning Commission, in order to bring to HLC’s attention many of the problematic behaviors this Board has consistently exhibited.

This step was not taken lightly, nor without due consideration as to the potential ramifications of such an action. The Association has filed this complaint because, as documented in the attached complaint, this Board has repeatedly demonstrated its lack of respect for higher education, its mission, its principles, and the value it provides to the community we serve.

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AAUP Coming to Investigate the District

AAUP is coming in October to investigate violations to shared governance due primarily to the elimination of meet and confer.

AAUP Will Investigate Apparent Violations at Maricopa

National Faculty Association Investigates MCCCD Over Decision To Eliminate Meet And Confer

Faculty Interviewed for Local News about Payroll Issues

The Board’s refusal to listen to the FA concerns regarding the exclusion of faculty in shared governance and the Board’s dismissal of the VNC as the action of union fear mongering exacerbated this failure. We pushed the point that the technology should serve teaching and learning and not the other way around to no avail.

September 7, 2018

‘A chronic problem’: Maricopa Community Colleges still struggling with payroll errors

September 5, 2018

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VIDEO: Major payroll problems at Maricopa Community Colleges