Governing Board Approves the Faculty Agreement

The Governing Board approved the Faculty Agreement 5-2 with Winn and McGrath voting nay. The recording is available on their YouTube Channel.

The discussion about the Faculty Agreement begins at time stamp 1:23:47.

Of other interest is a discussion about course fees and creating a process allowing students to request refunds at time stamp 1:02:30.

Faculty Agreement / Charter Trainings – Materials & Recordings

If you are unable to attend the trainings, the materials shared and the recordings will be added to our FACT webpage.

Here is the Charter Template and a Sample Charter.

Faculty Agreement & Charter Trainings

Here is the Faculty Agreement that was given to the Governing Board for their consideration. The Board will be addressing it at the Governing Board work session on February 2.

Below are Charter training sessions. The session will be taped for those who cannot attend. Faculty will be given links to the PowerPoint, a Charter template, and a sample Charter at that time.

FACT Charter Training Overview Presentation

FACT Training – Department/Division Leadership Compensation Formula

FACT Charter Training Q&A Presentation

FACT Charter Training Q&A Presentation