Approved Compensation Package

Last week the Chancellor sent an email regarding the approval of a compensation package for the next budget cycle.  Some of the highlights of this package for faculty are:

  • Increase the number of steps from 14 to 15
  • Provide a step for ALL residential faculty (including those originally at top of step)
  • 1 or more equity steps for some residential faculty
  • A lump-sum stipend for any employee whose base pay adjustment with the step is less than 4.13%.
  • The establishment of step equity minimums based on time as Residential Faculty

While I understand that the compensation may, in many cases, not match the inflation that we are all experiencing, it is my hope that we can come together to celebrate the fact that this is the first step we have received since AY 16/17 and a clear commitment on the part of District leadership and the Governing Board to address compensation and inequity issues as much as budgetarily possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to Dr. Frank Wilson and his team for their diligence, flexibility, and willingness to work collaboratively with faculty input to come up with a compensation plan that attempts to address compensation issues for as many faculty as possible given budget constraints.

Further details can be found in the May 23rd Governing Board Docs and the Slide Deck from the Compensation Town Halls.