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FEC Update: 5.24 Governing Board Meeting

Happy Summer, colleagues!  Congratulations on your excellent work in another challenging year. The Governing Board meeting this week (May 24) was another significant milestone for faculty: At the meeting the Governing Board approved a 4.13% pay increase for employees for the second year in a row as part of the District’s Multi-Year Strategic Compensation Plan. […]

Governing Board Address 04/26/22

Good evening, everyone. My year as President of the Faculty Association flew by quickly, and tonight I give my last address to you. As I reflect on it all, my thoughts keep drifting to the Indian parable of the six blind men and the elephant. Encountering an elephant for the first time ever, the men […]

3/22 GB Resolution Regarding FACT

Last week, residential faculty began to express nervousness after the Governing Board unanimously approved an item through their consent agenda whose operative portion reads as follows: The Chancellor is charged to create and implement a new structure that overcomes the current challenges and provides both Residential and Adjunct Faculty individual and appropriate voice and representation […]

Governing Board Address 3/22/22

Good evening, everyone. Ah, springtime: when a young man’s fancy turns to tax preparation! Despite Benjamin Franklin’s observation that “nothing is certain except death and taxes,” polls indicate that about 70% of American adults fear the process of preparing their returns. It’s easy to understand that fear when you consider that we collectively spend an […]

Association Education Topic: Shared Governance

In higher education, faculty and administrators often come into conflict over shared governance: faculty demand shared governance at their organization, and administrators counter that the organization already HAS shared governance. The faculty feel ignored and gaslit; the administration feels frustrated and unappreciated. The surprising reality is that in these conversations, both parties are usually acting […]