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Governing Board Address 10/26/21

Good evening, everyone. Last month I shared with you some of the ways that faculty are helping the District to achieve its goals. I talked about creating new baccalaureate degrees, operationalizing the new Faculty Agreement, and implementing Guided Pathways. These initiatives are big, bold, new, and important, and they will change how Maricopa operates for […]

Governing Board Address 9/28/21

Good evening, everyone. Have you noticed that MCCCD is a busy place these days? Maricopa continues to work on implementing Guided Pathways, on operationalizing the brand-new Faculty Agreement, on centralizing IT services to save money and avoid redundancy, and on retooling the enrollment process to make it faster and more user-friendly. Additionally, we are also […]

The Faculty Association, our past, and our future

Colleagues: Crazy times, eh? Over the last few years, we’ve experienced a lifetime worth of tumult: nationwide protests, two presidential impeachments, a global pandemic. In our quiet little corner of the world, we’ve seen our own share of turbulence: a Governing Board President ousted mid-term, a Board vote requesting the resignation of one of its […]

What future will you choose?

Recently, something rather momentous happened for us. Something good. Something that would have been impossible a few years ago. On April 27th, the MCCCD Governing Board voted to approve a 4% salary increase for all Maricopa employees, retroactive to January 1st of this year. For faculty paid on a nine-month schedule (those who don’t get […]

Governing Board Address 4/27/21

President Sullivan, Governing Board Members, CEC Members, and Guests: Tonight is my last address to the Governing Board on behalf of the Faculty Association. As of May 11th, my term will be over and Dr. Sasha Radisich (GCC) will be assuming the presidency, supported by Professors Camille Newton (SMCC) as President Elect and John Schampel […]