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Faculty Agreement & Charter Trainings

Here is the Faculty Agreement that was given to the Governing Board for their consideration. The Board will be addressing it at the Governing Board work session on February 2. Below are Charter training sessions. The session will be taped for those who cannot attend. Faculty will be given links to the PowerPoint, a Charter […]

Governing Board Address 1/27/21

Madame President, Governing Board members, Chancellor Gonzales, CEC, colleagues, and guests, Good evening! I am Patrice Nango, philosophy faculty at MCC and currently serving as Faculty Association President. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you this evening. I’d like to welcome our new GB members, Susan Bitter Smith and Jacqueline Smith, and congratulate […]

Assault on the Capitol – AAUP Statement

In response to the shocking events that occurred on January 6th in Washington DC, the Faculty Executive Council of the Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Association endorses the following statement by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP): Assault on the Capitol The AAUP is appalled by the assault on the US Capitol today. The current […]

Governing Board Address 11/24/2020

President Sullivan, members of the Board, Chancellor, CEC, and Colleagues. Good evening. Thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts about the new year. Things are changing! On behalf of the faculty, the Faculty Executive Council welcomes newly elected GB members Susan Bitter Smith and Jacqueline Smith and re-elected members Tom Nerini and Linda […]

Governing Board Address 09/22/20

President Sullivan, Secretary Hendrix, members of the Board, Chancellor, members of CEC, colleagues, and guests, Thank you for the opportunity to address you this evening on behalf of the Faculty Executive Council and the faculty at large. As you know, troubling events relating to the search for a new Chancellor have been revealed over the […]