Defend Your Pension Event

“Pension Reform” has arrived. Proposals are being floated to fundamentally weaken ASRS by turning it into a defined contribution (401k-style) system. Let’s get INFORMED and ORGANIZED, before it’s too late!

JOIN US for a presentation from the Arizona Retirement Security Coalition (with Q&A).

ALL Maricopa Employees who pay into ASRS and ALL Maricopa Retirees in ASRS are welcomed.

Non-exempt (hourly) employees should seek approval from their supervisors or take personal time to attend if this event is during your work hours.

Where: Phoenix College, Willow Conference Center

When: Thursday, January 9, 4-5:30 PM

Faculty Interviewed for Local News about Payroll Issues

The Board’s refusal to listen to the FA concerns regarding the exclusion of faculty in shared governance and the Board’s dismissal of the VNC as the action of union fear mongering exacerbated this failure. We pushed the point that the technology should serve teaching and learning and not the other way around to no avail.

September 7, 2018

‘A chronic problem’: Maricopa Community Colleges still struggling with payroll errors

September 5, 2018

Direct link to video:

VIDEO: Major payroll problems at Maricopa Community Colleges

Updated FacPAC website

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