Egregious misconduct results in cancellation of Chancellor’s search

Faculty Colleagues,

As many of you know, due to concerns about the process, the Governing Board suspended the search for a new chancellor in March and initiated an independent investigation. On Tuesday, August 25th, based on the results of that investigation, the Governing Board voted unanimously to end the search, disband the committee, and terminate their contract with the search firm.

The Faculty Association requested a copy of the report through a public records request and has shared it with the search committee, and now with you. It is a profoundly disturbing document. The independent investigator provides a detailed accounting, and concludes, in part:

The Search Process was significantly tainted and irreparably damaged by the actions of the Vice Chair of the Search Committee and Board member, Kathleen Winn.

I strongly encourage you to read this document carefully and to draw your own conclusions. The full report is posted on the Faculty Association’s website: MCCCD Investigation Report.

I commend the Governing Board for its decision to terminate an obviously corrupted process but lament this debacle for the disrespect shown to the candidates who applied, the disregard for process and any sense of fair play, and the abject waste of scarce funds as well as the valuable time of the committee members.

How did this happen? Our Board is composed of publicly elected officials, and this unfortunate incident is yet another clear reminder of how important it is that the entire MCCCD community actively participate in the election of qualified, education-minded citizens to serve on the Governing Board.

We don’t yet know what next steps will be taken to address this serious matter, but the Faculty Association is committed to participating in the process and to keeping you informed.

Patrice Nango
Faculty Association President