FEC Update: 5.24 Governing Board Meeting

Happy Summer, colleagues!  Congratulations on your excellent work in another challenging year.

The Governing Board meeting this week (May 24) was another significant milestone for faculty:

  • At the meeting the Governing Board approved a 4.13% pay increase for employees for the second year in a row as part of the District’s Multi-Year Strategic Compensation Plan. (Please see the forwarded email below from Chancellor Gonzales.)
  • Additionally at the meeting, there was a first read of changes to the Faculty Agreement and an overview of the next steps for reconstituting the Faculty Administration Collaboration Team (FACT). The Governing Board meeting recording with that presentation should be posted soon.

The Faculty Association helped to make these Governing Board events possible: As last year’s FA President Sasha Radisich notes, “In the 2018 and 2020 elections, our Faculty Association engaged in high-effort (and high-expense) pushes to elect pro-education, pro-student, and pro-employee members to the Governing Board. We gained significant ground in those elections. A new Board brought a new attitude, and with it came victories for us all.”

We are in another Governing Board election cycle, and your support of the Faculty Association–and thus the Governing Board candidates who support education in general and the Maricopa Community Colleges specifically–allows the progress seen at the May 24 Governing Board to continue.

Thank you to those who were instrumental in the development of the compensation plan and the revision of the FACT structure:  Chancellor Gonzales, who established the Advisory Budget Council and presented the option for a new FACT structure to the Governing Board; the Maricopa HR department, including Faculty Administrator Frank Wilson, who developed and recommended the compensation plan to the Board; and Faculty Association leadership, who pursued the necessary steps to ensure the restoration of the role of faculty in District shared governance.

Thank you for your continued support.  Let’s keep the progress going!

Camille Newton
Faculty Executive Council President