Governing Board Address 11/24/2020

President Sullivan, members of the Board, Chancellor, CEC, and Colleagues.

Good evening.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts about the new year.

Things are changing!

On behalf of the faculty, the Faculty Executive Council welcomes newly elected GB members Susan Bitter Smith and Jacqueline Smith and re-elected members Tom Nerini and Linda Thor.  Congratulations on your successful campaigns!  We look forward to working with you and the incumbent GB members continuing to build a successful and productive future for our students, communities, and employees.  Thank you to departing Board members Dana Saar and Laurin Hendrix for your service on the Governing Board.

As Spring semester arrives, FEC is looking forward to further developing and enriching our partnerships with the Interim Employee Senate, Adjunct Faculty Association, senior councils, members of the Chancellor’s Executive Council, Human Resources and the Chancellor. We welcome the opportunity to continue the good work being done on behalf of and with our students, employees, business partners, and communities.

In closing, the Faculty Association would like to recognize and applaud the tireless and innovative work of MCCCD employees with and for our students.  They have risen to the constantly shifting challenges brought by the pandemic with grace, energy, creativity, compassion, commitment and a laser focus on our students’ well being and success.  You have our deepest appreciation!

Thank you for your time.  The Faculty Association wishes everyone a happy holiday season.