AAUP Coming to Investigate the District

AAUP is coming in October to investigate violations to shared governance due primarily to the elimination of meet and confer.

AAUP Will Investigate Apparent Violations at Maricopa

National Faculty Association Investigates MCCCD Over Decision To Eliminate Meet And Confer

Faculty Interviewed for Local News about Payroll Issues

The Board’s refusal to listen to the FA concerns regarding the exclusion of faculty in shared governance and the Board’s dismissal of the VNC as the action of union fear mongering exacerbated this failure. We pushed the point that the technology should serve teaching and learning and not the other way around to no avail.

September 7, 2018

‘A chronic problem’: Maricopa Community Colleges still struggling with payroll errors

September 5, 2018

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VIDEO: Major payroll problems at Maricopa Community Colleges

Updated FacPAC website

Check out the updated website at facpac.org or by clicking on FacPAC on the menu.

Volunteer events have been added to the PAC homepage that you can register for. Any help is appreciated!

K-12 Support

Below is the letter of support for K-12 educators that was recently adopted by FEC. It is being issued as a press release and being sent to representatives of the teacher’s unions. 

The Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Association Supports K-12 Teachers’ Goals of Increased Funding

The people of Arizona want a high-quality K -12 education system, and they demonstrated their support by passing Proposition 100, Proposition 301, and Proposition 123 over the years. Those ballot measures were intended to increase teacher pay and increase support for the classroom. During the recession, not all of the Prop 301 funds were allocated according to the law. Litigation ensued and resulted in a settlement of about half of the funds being returned to their intended purpose. More recently, the Legislature passed a twenty-year extension of a fully funded Prop 301 by a more than 95% bipartisan vote of both houses. This secured almost $650 million for Arizona’s K-12 system along with minor funding for universities and community colleges.

Sadly, those efforts have proven inadequate. Arizona K-12 schools are finding it increasingly difficult to staff schools with highly qualified teachers. Teachers have been more active than at any point in their history in bringing their plight to the attention to the public and the state’s leaders. Their efforts have resulted in a policy statement by Governor Ducey proposing a 20% increase in salaries over the next several years. The teachers are looking for the details of this position to be fleshed out, most importantly the source of the funding.

The success of students enrolling in community colleges depends heavily upon the education they receive in K -12. Inadequate funding of our K -12 schools also impacts the state’s ability to attract quality jobs and maintain high-tech and other industries that need an educated workforce to succeed. Teacher and staff compensation should be made more competitive with teacher salaries offered by surrounding states and with salaries in private industry. 

The Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Association supports our K-12 teachers in their efforts to obtain a 20% increase in their compensation and increased funding for support staff compensation. The current teacher shortage in Arizona will be reduced by the proposed salary increase. Such an increase will also be a powerful statement of the importance of teachers to our next generation. The State of Arizona should budget for raises and cost of living allowances for both teachers and staff.

Videos of the February 27, 2018 Governing Board Meeting





Videos of the February 27, 2018 Governing Board Meeting have been posted on our YouTube page. They have been broken up into chunks so that it is easy to share the pieces that you wish. They have also been properly captioned and have transcripts. The captions can be translated into many languages. Thank you to one of our members who put a lot of time into helping with this!

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