Thank You and Next Steps

A very big THANK YOU to all those who stepped up to brave the heat, spend valuable time, drive long distances, and talk to neighbors to ensure we have great Governing Board candidates on the ballot. Because of your efforts, we reached our goal and submitted over 1500 signatures for each of our three candidates!  It is always important that we reach a minimum of 1500 signatures, not just the minimum legal requirement of 1000; it ensures that a candidate will survive a petition challenge if one is brought. Additionally, Marie Sullivan has no challengers and is the presumptive winner! All through collecting signatures. While we have cleared the first hurdle, the race is far from over!

Next Steps

We fully recognize that not everyone is suited, or able, to collect signatures. But, we have a broad spectrum of talent among our members. We are calling on you to take the baton and clear the remaining hurdles so we cross the finish line in November.

We need fresh volunteers to finish the work that remains:

  • Reviewing signature petitions of opposition candidates (We have this covered and will share news regarding this soon! Thank you!)
  • Posting signs for candidates at intersections
  • Literature drops (putting door signs in District neighborhoods)
  • Canvassing for candidates (going door to door to provide info and solicit votes)

Emails will be coming soon from FACPAC to ask for your help with these specific tasks. Please answer the call when it comes. We need everyone to join in the race!

Again, a BIG thank you to those who helped gather signatures: You Are Heroes!

Barry F. Vaughan
FacPAC Chair