The Faculty Association, our past, and our future


Crazy times, eh?

Over the last few years, we’ve experienced a lifetime worth of tumult: nationwide protests, two presidential impeachments, a global pandemic. In our quiet little corner of the world, we’ve seen our own share of turbulence: a Governing Board President ousted mid-term, a Board vote requesting the resignation of one of its own, the replacement of our decades-old Residential Faculty Policies with a brand-new Faculty Agreement.

Despite the bumpiness of our journey, from a professional perspective, the faculty have had a huge series of gains over the last few years, including:

  • A transformational 2020 Governing Board election where the Faculty Association’s advocacy helped to secure a pro-education majority
  • A 4% raise (the largest increase to the salary scale in over a quarter of a century)
  • A plan by HR, District leadership, and the Governing Board to implement similarly large salary scale increases in each of the next four years
  • The creation of a new District-wide Shared Governance Committee, along with a commitment to embrace the principles of shared governance throughout the organization
  • The creation of a new District-wide Committee on Academic Freedom, along with a reaffirmation of the principles of academic freedom (following a successful lawsuit by the Faculty Association to protect it)

What will the next few years bring?

With three Governing Board seats up for election in November 2022, the next chapter of the story remains unwritten. Will we ride this momentum and secure further victories for the students, the District, and the employees? Or will we experience setbacks, ceding ground to the relentless push for budget cuts and neutered employee organizations? The stakes remain high: our allies advocate for predictable salary advancement and a meaningful employee voice in District leadership while our enemies attack our pensions, introduce bills to allow guns on campus, and undermine academic freedom and workplace democracy throughout the state.

The Faculty Association fights all of these battles on behalf of our whole community — faculty, staff, and students alike. When it succeeds, everyone benefits; when it fails, everyone suffers. While we cannot know the outcome of these battles in advance, we do know the most important factor affecting the chance of success:

It’s you.

The strength of the Faculty Association comes from its members — we are stronger when we all stand together. Larger membership gives greater weight to our message by demonstrating that we speak on behalf of the group. It also gives us the resources we need to advocate effectively.

Our fight is your fight. Our success is your success. Our story is your story. Join us so that we have the ability to keep winning victories for you.

The majority of Maricopa’s faculty are already members of the Faculty Association, and we sincerely thank all of you for your support. If you have not had the opportunity to join or renew your membership, please consider standing with your colleagues. To join the Faculty Association or to renew your membership (for anyone not currently paying by ACH Direct Debit or credit card), please go to → Become a Member → and select your preferred dues payment schedule and method. You may select from:

  • Annual = one-time payment (ACH Direct Debit, Credit Card, or Check)
  • Quarterly = four payments (ACH Direct Debit, Credit Card)
  • Monthly = twelve payments (ACH Direct Debit, Credit Card)

Additionally, if you wish to join or renew your membership via personal check, click on Pay by Check and send your completed check via USPS to:

Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Association
520 East Southern Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85282

See Membership Benefits to learn more about membership benefits of being a Faculty Association member.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do in support of our students and each other.

Sasha Radisich, Faculty Association President