The Faculty Association thanks you all for a successful membership drive


It delights me to report the success of this year’s membership drive. Once again, a strong majority of our Residential Faculty continue to stand together to help fight for students, faculty, staff, and our community. With your help, the Faculty Association will continue to promote student success, shared governance, workplace democracy, and academic freedom. We want to thank those who joined us by becoming members, and those who renewed their long-standing memberships. We also want to thank those who volunteered during the membership drive, shared the good work of the Faculty Association with their colleagues, and made the benefits of membership clear.

Together, we will continue to advocate for the conditions and resources necessary to maintain a work environment that will allow us to provide a safe, healthy, and effective education for every student in our community. Together, we will continue to support the election of pro-education Governing Board members who understand that attractive employment opportunities allow us to hire high-quality employees, and high-quality employees create a worthwhile education for our students. Together we will continue to make MCCCD the best version of itself.

If you missed the opportunity to join with your fellow faculty in promoting this ongoing endeavor for excellence, don’t worry — it’s not too late. You can always join us by going to the Faculty Association website and navigating to the membership page. While there, feel free to browse through the available content. We have pages for:

  • About MCCFA”: information about your elected representatives, the rules governing the Faculty Association, and our rights and responsibilities under the Faculty Agreement.
  • Membership”: how to join the Association and the benefits you get from joining.
  • FacPAC”: the political arm of the Faculty Association that uses member contributions to fight for MCCCD at the ballot box. (Note: no Faculty Association dues are used by the FacPAC.)
  • Faculty Foundation”: the charitable arm of the Faculty Association that can turn your donations into emergency funds for desperate students…and then repay those funds as a state tax credit for you!
  • News & Media”: a repository for the Faculty Association’s public communications and event announcements.

One last bit of news: very soon, the Faculty Association will begin its “Association Education” series. These messages will provide information on confusing or commonly misunderstood facets of MCCCD in an effort to help pull back the curtain and demystify our organization. Watch for the first one on the topic of property tax rates and the operating budgets of the Maricopa Community Colleges.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of the Faculty Association. We are stronger when we all stand together. With you, we are all one step closer to achieving our goals.

Sasha Radisich, Faculty Association President