Urgent Signature Gathering Help!


Last weekend two of our faculty sat in front of a public library in District 3 and gathered 50 signatures each for two of our endorsed candidates in a few short hours! Wow!! That helps us out a lot, but we have many more signatures to go.  

Imagine how many we could collect if there were 10, 15, or 20 of us out there gathering signatures these next few Saturdays!

How Much Time Do We Have?

We have about 4 weeks left to collect approximately 1,000 signatures for each candidate PLUS another 400-ish for a margin of error to offset any signature challenges. That’s about 1,400 signatures for each candidate to ensure we have great candidates on the ballot for these crucial seats on our Board. Unfortunately, we are not as close to these goals as we would like to be.  We still need 500 signatures for Marie Sullivan and 300 signatures for Donna Davis, so every signature that you can collect in the next four weeks makes a difference. Your efforts here will determine whether we lose in July or win in November.

What Can You Do to Help?

It is absolutely essential that we have as many volunteers as possible collecting valid signatures at every opportunity:

  • Help canvas in front of libraries in District 3 (Marie Sullivan & Kelli Butler) and District 4 (Donna Davis & Kelli Butler).
  • Circulate signature sheets to your friends and neighbors who reside in District 3 and District 4. This is really easy if you’re having a BBQ for July 4th and can hit up 15-20 of your family and friends to sign for our candidates. 
  • Knock on the doors of 20 of your voting-eligible neighbors and ask for their signatures.

Showing up to do this work not only gets this critical job done, but it sends a powerful and important message to our candidates that we are organized, we are capable, and we will have their backs.

Next Steps

View our Upcoming Events. Pick the events you will attend and register. If you want to circulate petitions among your people, download the petitions and carefully read the instructions

Please forward this along to people you know. Help everyone who cares about students and the future of the Maricopa Community Colleges understand what’s at stake. Make this a priority.  Make this happen. It’s up to you.

Barry F. Vaughan
FacPAC Chair