Welcome to Fall 2023

Faculty Colleagues,

Welcome to Fall 2023! In a recent Board report, I assured the audience that faculty would return refreshed, reinvigorated, and renewed of purpose. I hope you find yourselves in one, if not all, those categories.

Many faculty, including Faculty Leadership, remained engaged in Maricopa’s Shared Governance structure over the summer, serving on numerous task forces and committees. The faculty voice is sought after and respected. This, many of you will remember, seemed a thing of the past until relatively recently. The current shared governance in MCCCD is the result of both the commitment, vision, and hard work on the part of our Faculty Association and FEC, and the support and engagement of the faculty (YOU!) in Maricopa. When faced with the most challenging assault on teaching and learning we had ever experienced, we stood up and fought. We rallied and worked together to confront the attacks and the attackers, to gather the backing of local and national organizations, and to support Governing Board candidates and MCCCD administrators who value education, teaching and learning, and shared governance. It took effort but Shared Governance and Academic Freedom prevailed and we continue to benefit from these momentous efforts.

Some examples of our work in shared governance include:

  • Faculty once again are participants on the Chancellor’s Executive Council, and FEC is a Senior Council providing leadership and faculty voice in the system.
  • Faculty are rightfully co- and tri-chairing important hiring committees, including those for college presidents, the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, and the Chief Information Officer.
  • A faculty member is a tri-chair on the Advisory Budget Committee, ensuring transparency and collaborative leadership with respect to the budget in Maricopa.
  • Faculty are participating in Strategic Planning, Shared Governance Operationalization, and task forces too numerous to name.
  • The Committee on Academic Freedom, the Center for Excellence and Integrated Democracy, and the RFACT team have been structured based upon faculty input and leadership.
  • The Governing Board has for each of the last three years approved the recommended salary increases outlined in the Employee Compensation Philosophy, and faculty continue to be participants in the work toward sustainable and predictable salary progression in Maricopa. This past year, District HR engaged faculty in the decision-making process of how to allocate the compensation pot which resulted in at least one step for ALL faculty.

How do we maintain, nurture, and grow this collaborative relationship we have fought so hard to plant? Simply put, we are stronger when we all stand together. The strength of the Faculty Association comes from its members. While the Faculty Association advocates for ALL faculty, the more of us who stand together by joining the Faculty Association, the greater the weight our participation in shared governance will be. Higher membership also gives us the resources we need to advocate effectively in MCCCD and the legislature, ensuring continued benefits for faculty and our organization.

The majority of Maricopa’s faculty are already members of the Faculty Association. Thank you sincerely for your support! If you have not had the opportunity to join, please consider standing with your colleagues. To join the Faculty Association, please go to our Membership Page and select your preferred dues payment schedule and method. See Membership Benefits to learn more about the value of joining the Faculty Association.

I’ve become rather fond of haikus of late, so I will share one on community college faculty:

Teaching with passion
Community’s guiding light
Knowledge blooms in all

Thank you for all you do to support your students, college, and our communities. I wish you all a fulfilling and enjoyable academic year.

In solidarity,