What future will you choose?

Recently, something rather momentous happened for us.

Something good.

Something that would have been impossible a few years ago.

On April 27th, the MCCCD Governing Board voted to approve a 4% salary increase for all Maricopa employees, retroactive to January 1st of this year. For faculty paid on a nine-month schedule (those who don’t get paychecks for base pay over the summer), the lump-sum increase for the first half of the calendar year should show up in today’s paychecks. For faculty paid on a year-round schedule, the payment will come on 6/17.

This action marks a change in attitude that sharply contrasts with the decade of neglect that preceded it. Furthermore, the adopted plan allocates additional 4% salary increases for us in each of the next four years…unless a new Board rescinds it.

I want to explain how those of us who support our Faculty Association made that happen.

In the 2018 and 2020 elections, our Faculty Association engaged in high-effort (and high-expense) pushes to elect pro-education, pro-student, and pro-employee members to the Governing Board. We gained significant ground in those elections. In fact, in 2020 we swept the table, with all four of our endorsed candidates winning their seats. A new Board brought a new attitude, and with it came victories for us all.

Through advocacy and negotiation (and at times, through litigation) our Faculty Association secured a seat at the table. As a direct consequence, we see our Residential Faculty gaining respect from the District: leadership now confers with us about potential policy and budgetary changes, administration shows heightened awareness of and respect for our academic freedom, and the Governing Board moves to acknowledge our value by increasing our compensation. These changes represent the fruit of a strong Faculty Association — one made strong by faculty support.

Right now, we see MCCCD reviving because of our united efforts. As our Faculty Association changes the power structure, we create a new framework where our working conditions can improve.

Ultimately, you get to choose whether or not we keep our Faculty Association strong. So, which do you prefer? For a Residential Faculty member, this year’s 4% raise would pay their annual Faculty Association dues more than five times over. Will you join to ensure that we have the strength to keep winning victories for you, or will you roll the dice and trust your future to luck? Will you invest a tiny fraction of your gains to keep our successes coming, or will you risk the chance that we have to endure another lost decade?

You get to choose.

Sasha Radisich
Faculty Association President